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Name:Rhona Marie Surroi
Birthdate:May 31
Location:United States of America
A genius from a universe where the existence of mutants jumpstarted everything technologically, resulting in a world of cell phones, holographic communicators, flying cars and teleporters very rapidly. Other things are different in her world, too - Christianity isn't a major religion, for instance, the United States is an empire spanning all of North America with different state names, WW2 never happened because WW1 never happened - but it's too complicated to explain in a profile.

The third of three children born to a happy couple that owns a coffee shop in New York, Rhona's mutation at first appeared to simply be extreme genius, which got her into a good school. But rumors of the government selectively getting rid of the brightest of the bright if they showed the wrong political views or got too questioning circulated, and Rhona ended up investigating when her oldest brother, Navid, went missing.

Things got complicated after that.


Rhona is 16, her mun is 21, and when her app is posted to her journal trigger warnings will be warned for on the entry. My continual apologies for the butchering of Esperanto that'll be happening everywhere.
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